Your family is your treasure, let our family help you capture those precious moments forever.

Mother Too Son Photography is a mother-son photographer partnership dedicated to meeting the photography needs of individuals, couples, and families in the greater Rochester area.

Who We Are

Our photographers consist of mother, Cherlyn McFadden, and her talented son, Dale. Their collaboration comes from a place of intergenerational love and persistence. The Mother Too Son brand was born over twenty years ago when an unfortunate accident took the life of Dale’s father when he was just six months old. As a single mother, Cherlyn rose to the occasion, raising Dale while also working and finishing college with a Bachelor’s in Hospital Administration. Through that time, both Cherlyn and Dale developed a mutual passion for photography. Dale continues to pursue his degree in Journalism and Communication while dedicated to serving the needs of the community by photographing your special moments.

Mother Too Son knows a mother’s love, what it is to struggle to achieve one’s dreams and fully develop their God-given talents, and together, they not only help capture the poetry of your own story in photographs, but help one another in that constant journey to reach new heights.

What We Can Do for You

Whether you are looking for the perfect portrait photos for your special event, wedding, work event, or to welcome a newborn to your family, we ensure the highest quality photos that capture the joy, spirit, and love of the moment. We are fast and flexible with an eye for detail and communicate regularly with our clients, not only in setting up your session, but throughout the process. We can work independently as well as with a larger team for your event.

The secret ingredient to our photography is personal care and consideration.